"In our diverseworld, each of us perceives reality through a unique lens, shaped by ourexperiences, abilities, and backgrounds. "

Alexandra Leyre Mein's sculptures exude a profound sense of solitude andsilence, serving as poignant reflections of the complexities of human behavior.

Her hybrid figures, characterized by immaculate, polished surfaces, arejuxtaposed with raw, fiber-like textures reminiscent of tree trunks. Yet, amidst this stillness, there arehints of dynamic movement, captured in bursts of contorted shapes that mirrorthe ebb and flow of human emotions. Mein's sculptures seem to defy gravity, appearing tobalance delicately on stools or seamlessly integrating with chairs. Incorporatingmaterials such as marble, mirrors, and rebar, into her sculptures in a subtle, nuanced color palette,reminiscent of natural minerals, enhances the overall sense of tranquility andserenity in her work, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in moments ofquiet contemplation.

The apparent unfinished quality of Alexandra's sculptures adds to theirallure, suggesting a sense of ongoing growth and evolution, while also hintingat the inevitable decay of life. This duality of interpretation is central tothe emotional resonance of her work, mirroring the visceral struggles andtensions inherent in the human experience.

Preferring to work directly in plaster without a preconceived vision of thefinal outcome, Alexandra allows her subconscious to guide the creative process,resulting in sculpturesthat feel raw and spontaneous yet intricately detailed. Her work often reflectsher personal experiences, including the solitude and the loss of her father,lending it a deeply autobiographical aspect.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Mein's sculptures provoke a deeper paradox,exploring the intricacies of representation and human connection. Like a dancebetween revelation and elusion, her works assert dominance while simultaneouslyseeking connection, embodying the inherent fragility and resilience of lifeitself.

Alexandra Leyre Mein, born in 1979 in Brussels, graduated from the Royal Academy ofAntwerp as a fashion designerafter several years she transitioned to visual arts, primarily focusing on sculpture. She has participated inartist residencies such as the School of Visual Art in New York, the Loft - ServaisFamily Collection in Brussels, and at the Thaillywood Artist Residency in Thailand.

Herwork has been showcased internationally at venues like the Clemente Center andAnton Kern Gallery in New York, Palais d'Iéna in Paris, and STUK Kunstencentrumand Botanique in Belgium. In addition to her sculptural practice Mein collaborated with dancers and choreographers,designing sets and costumes for contemporary dance performances. Her creationshave been featured at renowned events including the Festival d'Avignon and theMelbourne International Arts Festival, and have been displayed at the Louvre inParis. These collaborationshave greatly impacted her sculptural language.

Currentlybased in Brussels after six years in the United States, residing initially inPrinceton and then in Brooklyn, Alexandra continues her exploration of theintersection between sculpture, dance, and visual arts.

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